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Re: chroot, autofs, and bind

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 16:13 +0100, Martin Schmid wrote:

> We want to set up some amd-64 machines in an i686 environment.
> To do so, we would like to follow the approach witch a
> chrooted 32-bit environment on the 64-bit machines as discribed
> in the amd-64 HowTo .Especially, one needs to have access to the
> data in the /home-directory under the chroot also, which can be
> solved using a bind-mount.
> However, in our situation the /home directory is mounted from
> a server using autofs. Bind-mounting an autofs-imported 
> filesystem is not a great idea, since this leads inevitably
> to kernel crashes (we are using kernel 2.6.12 and automount
> 4.1.4_beta2). 
> At the moment, we have the following workaround:
> mounting the autofs-exported /home not into the native 64-bit
> environment, but into the 32-bit chroot, instead. The /home in the
> 64-bit environment is a symlink pointing to /home in the chroot.
> Is this workaraound reliable? Are there better solutions?

No, there will be programs looking for files in the chroot in the chroot
itself, which makes no sense.
Simply mount the /home directory twice, once in /home and once in the

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