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Re: how to get a new version of 'unrar' into the official repository?

Max wrote:

On 2/13/06, Mark Nipper <nipsy@bitgnome.net> wrote:
Well as Hamish stated, the license may not permit the
AMD64 people to distribute the package.

What's wrong with the license?
What makes AMD64 people different from i386 people?

The current solution is
to include deb-src lines for Debian non-free from official Debian
mirrors and build the package yourself.

Why not simply to include the source package in the debian-amd64 repository?
Is it againt the or what?

From my experience, package maintainers are willing to work with bug reports for
AMD64 when talking about actual bugs in the packages.  This will
at least allow you to continue to grab packages via 'apt-get
source' and build them locally.

But missing package is a bug, isn't it?
If not, then where to complain about such problems?


Some packages in non-free are licensed only to the Debian project - which currently doesn't include AMD64. Hence the limited subset of non-free - all licenses were checked by hand, and only those available for distribution by non-Debian people (the AMD64 team) went in. There's no non-free autobuilder to prevent accidental inclusion of unlicensed software.

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