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Broadcom bcm43xx problems

Hello all, 

I am looking for two solutions with wireless cards. I have a Broadcom bcm4318 
and a realtek rtl8169. 

- How can I force to use eth0 for the wlan-card, and eth1 for the 
hardwired-card ? I use udev, so sometimes theezh0 and eth1 changes at 
starting. Hardwired shall have a fixed IP, wlan shall get the ip with dhcp.

- How can I force to use 11MBit on the wlan-card. The wlan-card originally 
always is using 54MBit. This my entry in  /etc/network/interfaces, but this 
does not work:

# The primary network interface
auto eth0 eth1

iface eth0 inet dhcp
      wireless-essid myssid
      wireless-channel 6
      wireless-key XXXXXXXXX
      wireless-mode managed
      wireless-rate 11M    <---  This should change the rate

iface eth1 inet static
	address xxx.xxx.xxx.y
	netmask yyy.yyy.yyy.z
	network xxx.xxx.xxx.0
	broadcast xxx.xxx.xxx.255
	gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.x

Best regards 





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