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Re: i want to migrate from ide to serial ata

Le 01.02.2006 21:22:04, daniele a écrit :
i have a little question
now i have two maxtor hard disk ide
in the first hard disk i have my debian installation
i want to buy a new hard disk serial ata
i will use cp to copy my system on the new hard disk, _but what i need to do to boot from my new hard disk_?
my motherboard is a gigabyte k8ns pro socket 754 nforce3
i found a lot of documetation to install debian to a new hard disk serial ata but no documents to migrate debian on new hard disk serial ata :-(

There was no différence for me to migrate from ide to sata than from ide to ide.

Just remember that the sata disk are managed via the scsi layer so the naming scheme is /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, ...

Then probably in your BIOS like in mine (ASUS A8V), there is an option to tell which is the boot device and there is, once again nothing specific.

You must have a kernel with sata support for your chipset.


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