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Re: fglrx with xorg 6.9.0

Christophe Dupre wrote:
> Hi,
> I used to have fglrx working under XFree86 but when I switched to x.org
> it stopped working. Fair enough. 
> I went to flavio's webpage, but I think it says I need x.org <= 6.8.2.
> As anyone manage to install fglrx with x.org 6.9.0

I just did this yesterday from ATI's installer available from their
website. ATI's installer can create packages for debian automatically,
or it can extract its files (to let you patch them) and then let you run
a script that builds debian packages.

So here's the instructions:
$ ./ati-driver-installer-8.12.7-x86_64.run --extract fglrx-tmp
$ cd fglrx-tmp
$ cd common/lib/modules

apply the patch from http://lkml.org/lkml/2005/12/11/26 which lets the
kernel module work with Kernel 2.6.15

$ cd -
$ fakeroot ./packages/Debian/ati-packager.sh --buildpkg sid

# rm -rf /usr/src/modules/fglrx /usr/src/fglrx.tar.bz2

dpkg -i the debs, use module-assistant to build the kernel module and
you're good to go. (Don't forget to modprobe -r fglrx; modprobe fglrx
before you start X again.)

NOTE: it is no longer necessary to patch the fglrx directory to tell it
that Debian/sid uses X.org 6.9.0. ATI already knows this and the current
version of the installer knows it too.

--Ken Bloom

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