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Re: debian amd64 Etch & kde

On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 19:13 +0100, DeiviD MD wrote:
> Hi everybody!!
> I'm a new user of the list. I 'm trying install kde on debian Etch for
> amd64 from a cd-netinstall of amd64.debian.net... but apt say unmet
> dependece...
> I have read that is a temporal bug ;)... I want to know when I can
> install the debian Etch for amd64 from amd64.debian.net...
> Thank you and excuse me my english ;)
> regards :)

Hello DeiviD,

I too have just joined the list.  I have just finished installing Debian
AMD64 using the mini.iso graphical installer without any problems:


I first tried the Businesscard CD but had some strange problems with the
mouse and unresolved dependencies.  I then gave the mini.iso a try and
it worked just wonderfully.

-- Tony

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