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Re: Adaptec 2230SLP RAID (aacraid): how to install Sarge/AMD64

Dave Ewart wrote:

>I have a fresh install to a quad-Opteron server to perform: RAID
>controller is an Adaptec 2230SLP.  The installer I got from
>does not seem to have aacraid support (at least, the disk subsystem is
>not detected).
>Any recent kernel should support this setup, so once installed I'll be
>fine: I just need an *installer* which has enough support to get me
>Any ideas, people?
Hmm, aacraid.ko is in
scsi-extra-modules-2.6.8-11-amd64-generic-di_0.22_amd64.udeb on the
sarge netinst CD.

Maybe you nede to run it as expert mode and tell the installer to load
that manually? I've only been through on expert module once, but I saw a
prompt for something like that...

Of course if your problem is more than just getting the module loaded,
ignore me, sorry :}


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