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Re: Network install on a lan

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I use the web server technique. With Debian, I always install apache(x)
and dwww (and friends). This gives me a web interface to the man pages
and doc subdirectory. For this (off topic) I do have to permit outside
entry to dwww, but my LAN's are always protected from the Internet by a
Debian/GNU Linux box acting as a firewall/router. For Tur's situation,
this would not be a problem because the problem is _no_ connection to
the Internet.

So, I have my box (laptop, workstation, server) setup with apache(x) and
my local Debian mirror thus:

  /var/www/<pointer to mirror mount point>

I set the IPA's by hand to eliminate the need for setting up a local DNS
server for just a few (average three) local machines. Then, when I make
a new install, I can put in the local IPA:


which gets me to my local mirror.

In addition to being able to do a network install either without an
Internet connection or on a dial-up connection, the additional benefit
is speed. I have an external USB hard drive setup as my portable, local
mirror. So, even in the case where the box is connected to the Internet
via cable or DSL, I use it to do updates and get additional software
because it is so much faster.

Cheerio! fgd.

Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 06:04:40PM -0000, Tur Herrero, Joaquin wrote:
>>I am installing debian sarge amd64's port doing a network install, I
>>have managed to get to the debian-installer using PXE-boot, but I don't
>>know how to proceed on the installation when I am asked to choose a
>>mirror of the Debian archive.
>>The machine that I am installing has no access to the outside network
>>(not even through a proxy) and I just have the 2 ISOs on the tftp
>>server, how can debian-installer get those isos? Should I set up the
>>server to be a Debian archive mirror?
>>Any help will be welcome!
> Loopback mount the first iso and export it through NFS and install from
> NFS.  Or export it from http using a web server.
> You could mount each iso and just tell the apt-setup later to have two
> sources, one for each mounted iso.
> Len Sorensen

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