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Re: Problem: fglrx-driver + X.ORG.6.9.0

On 21 Feb 2006, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> I would personally never accept any machine with an ati video chip in it
> until some day when ati writes working drivers.  It would be a very bad
> exchange to make.  it was one of the few requirements when we got my
> wifes laptop.  The video had to be nvidia, and the cpu had to be an
> athlon 64.

        I couldn't agree more.  The nvidia driver has been stable
for me for years now and I was happy to see this trend continue
with x86-64.  I just replaced one ATI X850XT PE with a 7800GS for
exactly this reason.  I was still having to use hexedit for
crying out loud to modify the ATI drivers so they would recognize
my non-ATI branded X850!?  I mean, it wasn't terribly difficult,
but come on, that's a couple of seconds to fix on their end and
it persisted across several driver releases in spite of it being
reported as a bug to the developers.

        Whatever, I'm more curious which laptop you found with an
Athlon64 and an nvidia chipset/video chip!?  I've been looking
around for such a thing and it seems all I can find are Turion's
with ATI chipsets.

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