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Re: Please help - kernel crashes often

On Wednesday 01 February 2006 16:47, mike wrote:
> After running memtest86 (V3.3) for at least 24 hours, I came back and
> saw that each machine completed 61-63 cycles of tests, with 0
> errors...
> However, I did look through the BIOS for cache disabling - and it
> doesn't appear I can disable the CPU cache.
> I did turn on chipkill and some other supposed ECC memory "helpers"
> and instantly had the machine crash twice.
> [root@lvs01 ~]# mcelog --k8 --ascii <mce2.txt
> CPU 0 4 northbridge TSC 2
>   Northbridge Chipkill ECC error
>   Chipkill ECC syndrome = 6ca0
>        bit32 = err cpu0
>        bit45 = uncorrected ecc error
>        bit57 = processor context corrupt
>        bit61 = error uncorrected
>   bus error 'local node origin, request didn't time out
>       generic read mem transaction
>       memory access, level generic'
> STATUS b65020016c080813 MCGSTATUS 4
> 332ff8453 ADDR 7ff5faf0
> Kernel panic - not syncing: Machine check

I had something similar, and it turned out the motherboard just didn't like 
the brand/model of memory I was using. Replacing it with a different make 
(this time one that was on the motherboard's recommended list) fixed the 


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