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kernel config for MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum?

I just ordered one of these mobos, with an Athlon64 X2 CPU.  I'm going to
install them this weekend.  I've made a first run through configuring a
kernel for the new board, and made my best guesses about hardware
components.  I found some documentation and installation reports that
describe the devices on the mainboard and their drivers, so I think I've got
a fairly good idea of what's needed.

Still, it would be helpful if I could look at a kernel config from someone
else who's using this board, and preferably an Athlon64 X2 CPU too, and who
has customized their kernel for the hardware.  If you have such a config,
I'd appreciate it if you would either post it here (grep -v '^#') or send it
to me by email.

Also, if you have an /etc/sensors.conf for this board I'd like to see that

One other thing:  several reports online said that the integrated ethernet
devices wouldn't work with the standard sk98lin driver, but needed a patch


But that link is dead, and I can't be sure what else to grab from the
Syskonnect site.  Has this issue been resolved by the 2.6.15 kernel?  I.e.
can I use either sk98lin or skge without patches for the built-in ethernet?

Thanks in advance for your advice.  If I have my kernel ready then I can be
up and running sooner when my new hardware comes!  Can't wait!


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