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gs segfaults

   I am using xfig and trying to import an encapsulated postscript figure 
generated by the cadence program. The ghostscript program fails to import it 
with the following comment:
sh: line 1:  4056 Segmentation fault      gs -r72x72 -dSAFER -sDEVICE=pcx256 
-g441x799 -sOutputFile=/tmp/xfig-pic004054.pix -q - >/tmp/xfig-pic004054.err 
and in the xfig information window the following appears:
Could not parse EPS file with ghostscript: $­ûª*
ERROR from ghostscript:
EPS object read OK, but no preview bitmap found/generated

I have tried to change from gs-eps to gs-gpl and then to gs-afpl but without 
success. I tried to do the same thing on a i386 computer but there it works 
perfectly so this is an amd64 specific problem. Shall I report it as a bug in  
both gs-gpl, gs-afpl and gs-eps or is the failure somewhere else?


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