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Re: Bug filing advice needed: package uninstallable on amd64 only

cmetzler@speakeasy.net schrieb:
Abiword is uninstallable on AMD64.  It appears that the library package
libenchant1c2 has been replaced by the package libenchant1c2a.  This new
package is available for AMD64; but the AMD64 Abiword port, and *only*
the AMD64 port of Abiword, still has a dependency on the older libenchat1c2,
which is no longer available.

I'm curious what the proper way to proceed with this is.  File a bug
against Abiword with an "AMD64" tag?  Something else?  Is it OK for us
to file non-wishlist bugs of this sort, given that we're not yet an official


I also filled a bug sometime ago: #346533
I think the maintainer just forget to change the deps and is too lazy to change it. We have to live with the sarge version until its fixed.

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