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Re: Problem: fglrx-driver + X.ORG.6.9.0

On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 09:27:44AM -0600, Mark Nipper wrote:
>         I couldn't agree more.  The nvidia driver has been stable
> for me for years now and I was happy to see this trend continue
> with x86-64.  I just replaced one ATI X850XT PE with a 7800GS for
> exactly this reason.  I was still having to use hexedit for
> crying out loud to modify the ATI drivers so they would recognize
> my non-ATI branded X850!?  I mean, it wasn't terribly difficult,
> but come on, that's a couple of seconds to fix on their end and
> it persisted across several driver releases in spite of it being
> reported as a bug to the developers.
>         Whatever, I'm more curious which laptop you found with an
> Athlon64 and an nvidia chipset/video chip!?  I've been looking
> around for such a thing and it seems all I can find are Turion's
> with ATI chipsets.

Compaq R3240

There are similar models in the R3000 range from compaq.  Only problems
with the laptop is that the wireless is broadcom so it needs ndiswrapper
to work for now (although maybe someone will manage to reverse engineer
this common chip sometime), and the texas instruments flash card reader,
which being TI is of course completely imposible to get documentation for.
Not that it works with cards over 500M anyhow, so who cares.

They may of course have decided to discontinue that line of laptops by
now, given the ATI radeon X200 seems to darn popular in new AMD laptops,
which is a shame given how much trouble it is causing for people trying
to run linux, and I hate shared memory video. :)

Other laptops I see with nvidia graphics:
Alienware Aurora 7700m
VooDoo envy u:709
Mtech D900K
Asus Z71V has GeForce 6600 PCIe (with intel centrino so not amd)

Len Sorensen

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