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can I get python (2.4) as 32bit

this might sound like an unreasonable question:
BUT I have lots of compiled (numerical) python packages and starting the 
(default) 64bit python cannot use those.

So I was wondering if anybody here had a similar issue and/or knows about a 
python2.4 version (for AMD64)  that is compiled as 32bit 

I tried to build it from source:
$ export CC=gcc-3.4
$ export CFLAGS=-m32
$ ./configure
$ make
but I got this error (and now I'm stuck!!)

gcc-3.4 -pthread -c -fno-strict-aliasing -DNDEBUG -g -O3 -Wall 
-Wstrict-prototypes -I. -I./Include  -DPy_BUILD_CORE -o Modules/python.o 
In file included from ./Include/Python.h:55,
                 from Modules/python.c:3:
./Include/pyport.h:612:2: #error "LONG_BIT definition appears wrong for 
platform (bad gcc/glibc config?)."
make: *** [Modules/python.o] Error 1

Sebastian Haase

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