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Re: Preparing to give 64 bit a shot again on Gateway laptop

On Fri, Feb 03, 2006 at 02:24:40PM -0700, Tannon Weber wrote:
> I've been monkeying with i386 for a day and a half now, and I'm still
> having fun (pronounced "pain") getting that to work.  Maybe once I
> have 32 bit working and documented as to what I had to do I'll give
> AMD64 a try again.  Maybe by the time that I get i386 working properly
> AMD64 will be fully mature too...  *grin*
> At least if I can get all of the hardware functioning in 32bit then
> maybe the migration won't be so bad.

Well just don't try loading Sarge on that machine.  It won't work.  A
daily build might load, although since testing still has 2.6.12, you are
better off selecting unstable for now and loading 2.6.15.  Then it might
work OK.  Of course many people are having trouble building the fglrx
drivers for 2.6.15 (at least on amd64) so that may be a different issue
(although one likely to be resolved soon).

Len Sorensen

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