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Re: Debian ADM64 Etch (testing/unstable) system freeze

On Friday 03 February 2006 15:47, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> Rami Saarinen wrote:
> > Anyway, I am glad to inform that yes it really was the memory that was
> > causing the trouble. I let the machine run the memtest86+ last night and
> > after 10 hours it had found four memory errors. Apparently I was too
> > hasty at the first time.
> Well, now you get the next fun step... verifying that the bad memory
> didn't corrupt your system install, or your data. I think you said you
> have ECC memory, so you're probably safe, but you should run debsums,
> making sure it checks every package installed on your system (you'll
> have to download copies of a bunch of the .deb's that don't include
> md5sum information in them).

Hey, thanks! I almost forgot this. Just can't wait for that fun to begin... :)

Thanks to all for good help!

Rami Saarinen

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