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Problem: fglrx-driver + X.ORG.6.9.0

Hello folks,

I have a slight Problem with my new notebook (got it as guarantee exchange) 
with an ATI graphics card and Turion processor.


The driver I choose was version 8.22.5 (from ATI). I built the packages with 
****.run --buildpkg Debian/sid and installed it with dpkg -i.
So far it went all fine. 

But acceleration will not work. I can start X with correct resolution 1280x800 
in two different cases:

Case 1: I comment "Load "dri"" in corg.conf out.

Case 2: I do not install the kernel-module "fglrx-kernel-***"

In both cases I got th correct screen.

In other cases I got a blank screen, which cannot be switched back (i.e. with 
CTRL + ALT + Backspace).

I googled and read something about libdri.la, but could not confirm an error. 
Is there any clue ? Is this the crappy driver or might this be a configuration 
error by myself. I sent my xorg.conf as attachement (please do not wonder 
about the description, I had an Nvidia-card before in my old notebook. As I 
said: It was exchanged due to a guarantee case)

Thank you very much for your help !

Best regards


P.S. BDale, if you read this: I was ill the last days, and I am still checking 
tah problem with tar.

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