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Re: Running vmware 4.x (again)


I am working with VMware 5.5, so I can't help with your module problems.

5.5 has still some dependencies on the 32bit chroot subsystem, but is
otherwise running on the 64bit platform (Debian Sarge). The transfer of my
Windows guest from VMware 5.0 on a 32bit host to 5.5 on 64bit host went

Concerning the processor stepping, I believe this is only important if you
want to install a 64bit guest system. As far as I know, VMware 5.5 can be
installed on every 64bit linux platform regardless of processor stepping.
However, you could consult the VMware support on this question.


On Tuesday 14 February 2006 15:20, Raimund Jacob wrote:
> Hi *,
> I'm new to this list so please excuse my ignorance. I'm in the process
> of migrating my primary workstation (java development) to a dual-opteron
> machine ranning amd64. Everything is working smoothly so far. I have a
> chroot in /ia32 that basically contains my old workstation.
> Now I want to install vmware 4.5.3 (we purchased 4.x and hesitate to
> upgrade to 5.x since it's also not sure that our processor stepping is
> good enough). Here is what I did so far:
> * Install VMware-workstation-4.5.3-19414.tar.gz to /ia32/usr/local
> * Leave init scripts in /etc
> * Use vmware-any-any-update96 to upgrade/compile kernel modules in 64bit
> * vmware-configure
> * cp -a /etc/vmware /ia32/etc, edit /ia32/etc/vmware/* to remove /ia32
> prefix
> * cp -a /var/run/vmware /ia32/var/run
> * copy my vm images over, same location is on the old machine
> * run vmware from the chroot
> Unfortunately I cannot run the vm:
> Version mismatch with vmmon module: expecting 81.0, got 116.0.
> You have an incorrect version of the `vmmon' kernel module.
> Try reinstalling VMware Workstation.
> Question is: Did I upgrade too far? I assumed installing the shipped
> modules wouldnt have worked anyway (I'm running vanilla Has
> anyone attempted the same thing with more luck?
> Thanks for any advice and sorry if that kind of question is not welcome
> here,
> 	Raimund
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