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Re: Why chroot ?

On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 07:18:51PM +0100, Emmanuel Fleury wrote:
> I was wondering why do people use chroot for 32bits applications?
> Why not just compile all 64bits compliant source code with an option
> -L/path/to/64bits/library and let the other application get the normal
> way to the 32bits library ?
> (I know this is a very naive question, I guess there is some good
> reasons to not do like this. But I can't figure it out by myself)

dpkg only handles one architecture at a time for now.  So it is either
64bit amd64 packages or i386 32bit packages, but not both.  Also having
to change the source code for all packages to work with a custom library
path is a mess.  The idea was to use unmodified source packages for as
much as possible, and any that fail are considered a bug that needs

Len Sorensen

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