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Re: Grub/LILO install fails on DL385

Is this during the initial installation of Debian and are you using ext3? I had the same problem on the same hardware. When installing Grub from the Debian installer, I got a similar error: "boot/grub/ stage1 not read correctly." LILO wouldn't install either.

I found this thread <http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2005/09/ msg00225.html>. It doesn't actually identify a problem, but based on the circumstances of the poster's problem, I decided to try ReiserFS instead of ext3. Grub installed flawlessly.

I can't even begin to imagine why either bootloader would fail to install on ext3 but not ReiserFS, but for me, that was the *only* variable in the equation.

- Chris

On Feb 1, 2006, at 8:46 AM, Stefan Lucien wrote:


I'm in trouble with an installation of GRUB on a HP DL385 Proliant with debian sarge for AMD64.
When I run grub-install hd0
It returns me
Checking if /boot/grub/stage1 exists, no

Well the file is in this directory.
I don't understand why it makes me cry.

Does anybody could help me ?


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