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Re: apt-get update error libswt-mozilla-gtk-3.1-jni

Lennart Sorensen spiffera, alle 21:58, giovedì 9 febbraio 2006 circa:
> --force should not be used unless you know what you are doing.
I think so. :)
maybe i should say: read manpage first...  
So: Niclas, read 'man dpkg' !! :)

> If something like this happens, it is a bug and should be filed as one.
> If packages conflict, uninstall one of them, or don't upgrade until the
> maintainer fixes the bug.  Using --force leaves the system in a somewhat
> broken state where in the future removing one of the packages that had a
> file conflict may cause the file to be removed even though the other
> packages still says it is installed and may require it.  So it is a very
> very bad idea.
i don't think so. :)
this happen a lot of time when you dist-upgrade debian, or other 
debian-based system. In particular if you use testing, or unstable, like 
(i think) almost all writing here.

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