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Re: [SPAM] Re: Preparing to give 64 bit a shot again on Gateway laptop

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Hi Tannon and everybody,

I have a laptop: HP Pavilion zv6000 series (zv6201cl on paper label)
that has the Broadcom BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g LAN Controller
(rev 02). I got it to work when I initially installed Debian Etch
(testing) with the generic kernel (I don't remember which version).
However, when I did an upgrade to Sid (unstable) and kernel version
2.6.12 I couldn't get it to work. At that time I remember ndiswrapper
complaining (or somebody) that it was only 1.7 and 1.8 provided more
features, etc.

Also, over this period of trying to get the wireless chip to work with
the later versions of the kernel, I let my plight be known to my local
users group (AKLUG) and googled for Windows XP drivers. From this effort
I found a couple of additional drivers as well as the sourceforge
project to develop FOSS drivers for the Broadcom 43xx series of chips
that are used by many different OEM's.  I tried the GPL'd wireless stack
and 43xx driver, but it did not work. It seemed to recognize the chip,
but I couldn't get anything to happen. Further there was no joy from
downloading the additional XP driver files. The GPL's stack has a tool
for extracting something from the .exe file, but I either couldn't
figure out what I needed to do with them, the stack was still too
imature, or there was version confict.

In the natural course of time I updated the kernel, and somewhat later
found the ndiswrapper version in Sid had updated to 1.8, so I again made
the effort to get wireless working. At the regular Friday Laboratory
Session of the AKLUG, with a couple of the other regulars helping, I
futzed around until things were totally bolixed. I then removed all the
GPL'd stuff and the ndiswrapper package. I made sure I removed all the
files I moved around by hand that were not part of the Debian system but
had been suggested at one time or another. Then I installed the current
testing ndiswrapper package. I already had the correct kernel source
which I carefully configured using make-kpkg starting with the installed
kernel's configuration file.

This was all quite tedious but worth it. After the latest ndiswrapper
(1.8-1) compiled, I set about trying the different XP drivers. One
worked. Pity I can't remember where I got it. This setup works much
better than the initial try (with somebody complaining about 1.7). I
have been able to transparently connect to available open hot spots
without the need to identify the essid as before.

The ATI hardware is another, much sadder story, which I will hold for a
later time. fgd.

Tannon Weber wrote:
> On 2/2/06, Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
>>There isn't much difference between running 32 or 64 bit.  Hardware
>>support is pretty much identical.  If your hardware works with one it
>>usually works with the other.  Some programs are not yet available in
>>64bit, but most are.
>>The main question is, what chipset does the machine use, and is that
> I've been doing some further reading on the subject since my last
> inquiry, and it looks like I have a Broadcomm wireless chipset.  Crap.
>  Everything that I've found online so far indicates that it won't work
> with 64 bit when trying a wrapper.  Video doesn't seem to be nearly as
> much of a problem, as ATI's support page has the Xpress X600 listed,
> and I think that the chipset itself is theirs, but I'm still trying to
> figure that out.
> I may just save myself the headache and put 32 bit Linux on it for the
> moment, just so that I don't have to do any extra work for the
> time-being.
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> Tannon Weber
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