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Re: 3D games stop

Am Montag 06 Februar 2006 10:40 schrieb Jo Shields:

> Is your kernel 32 or 64 bit? Are your games 32 or 64 bit? Currently,
> Radeon DRI cannot mix & match.
These temporary freezes occur wether I use 32 bit (chroot) or 64 bit games 
when I use a 64 bit kernel and X server. When I use a 32 bit kernel and X 
server, everything works. What I haven't tried yet, however, is a 64 bit 
kernel with a 32 bit X server, or the other way round. Maybe I should do so 
to find out wether it's a kernel or a X server problem. 

I don't understand what you mean exactly with "cannot mix & match". I remember 
that 32 bit games fell down to software rendering on a 64 bit X server. Is 
this what you mean? Since I dist-upgraded both the 32 bit and the 64 bit 
system some time ago, this isn't a problem any more. 

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