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Re: amd64-archive update + Wine

Matthieu Helleboid <mhelleboid@free.fr> writes:

> Hello
> Le Lundi 20 Février 2006 21:10, Ozzy Lash a écrit :
>> I was about to set up a chroot environment to run 32 bit applications,
>> when I came across Matthieu's amd64-archive announcement. Thanks to
>> Matthieu, I now have a flash enabled browser and openoffice, with
>> almost no pain.
> And thanks for the initial work to Goswin !
>> I do have a couple of questions:
>> 1. I am running unstable, and Matthieu's packages seem to be for
>> stable.  Is there a similar package for unstable?  The biggest
>> difference would be a newer version of Openoffice.
> Several versions for stable, testing and unstable is possible, but need a lot 
> of work, because of different version of programs, dependencies and of course 
> libc6.

The script just renames the packages and keeps the versions (more or
less) intact. The problem for etch/sid is that there are some packages
in the depends that sarge didn't have. You have to add those to the
package list for conversion and with a little bit of luck you don't
need any special casing for them.


PS: I'm nearly done restoring the amd64-archive functionality in
cross-archive. After that I will upload it.

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