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Network interfaces initialize with weird addresses

Hi all,

I've been running amd64 (unstable) without too much trouble for a couple of months on my mail server, but there is one major problem, and a recent update did not fix this problem:

When the system boots it screws up the network interfaces. There are two interfaces, one going to an ADSL modem, the other for an internal network, both configured with static addresses in /etc/network/interfaces. Usually, one or both of the interfaces have totally wrong IP addresses and subnet masks. I typically have to bring them down and up again manually by running ifconfig. This seems to always work, but I then have to restart all the services because they are still listening on the wrong addresses.

The same screw-up also happens when I run "/etc/init.d/networking start" manually. Often, this script seems to hang for a few minutes after it has processed the first interface, and one or both interfaces end up with weird random addresses.

It seems as if something is getting badly confused, perhaps parsing the interfaces file?

Any idea what this might be? Note, this was initially installed as testing, then upgraded to unstable.



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