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Re: libdvdcss broken du to upgrade (marillat)

Hi again...

Hum... xine works well with the libdvdcss provided by marillat but ogle works too but without any image (i can navigate menu, play movies but no image just sound...). The problem is related to ogle. Sorry for the noise.


Yannick - Debian/Linux a écrit :


I first install libdvdcss using this script a while ago :

Then i intalled marillat package (i.e. ogle) and all was working fine.

But i added a new source from marillat to get new stuffs :
deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ sarge main

And it upgraded libdvdcss. Since that i can't see DVD (i have sounds from menu but no image). Trying to play one of the films present on the DVD (i've seen it already, so i'm sure the DVD has no problem) ogle reported that :
Ogle can't read any data.
Make sure that the CSS authentication works correctly.
See also the FAQ at http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~dvd/faq.shtml
Three common problems are:
no write permission on you DVD drives device node.
you are trying to play a DVD from a region other than the one
of the DVD drive.
or you have never set the region on the drive.

As all was working fine before, i strongly suspect libdvdcss is broken. I tried to reinstall previous version, but that doesn't help.

Any idea to fix this ?

Thank you for your attention,

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