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Re: Clock issues

Tannon Weber wrote:

On 2/8/06, Yerko G. Gallardo Miranda. <pinguinoalpha@gmail.com> wrote:
When I was buy my notebook (HP nx6125), I was have the same problem, I
solve this installing and boot the distribution (in my case, Debian
amd64) without apic, setting with the following parameters "noapic"
The 64 bits procesors have a problem with the apic system, you can see
it in the system clock.

P.D.: Sorry my English... ;-)

Yeah, I thought about that, but LOTS of people on sites like bugzilla
have commented that most of their peripherals cease functioning, and
stuff like DVD playback timing gets all kinds of messed up.  For me
right now since I'm looking for work, having my peripherals not work
is a big problem as I could need the computer at a moment's notice
(one company asked for shell scripts with a deadline for sending them
in) so the clock malfunction is trivial compared to having a machine
that lets me work.

Right now I'm running Testing, so I'm using 2.6.12.  I'm considering
switching up to Unstable, but again, with a need to have a functioning
laptop I'll either need to make a backup of this install before I do
it or else wait until after everything is smoothed out, or else find
another source for the kernel.  I've heard that 2.6.16 will have
proper support for the Marvell Yukon ethernet chipset again too, which
is the one in the laptop.  At that point it might be worthwhile to
change up.

There's a few fixes for this, since it seems ATI have deliberately caused the problem. Try adding something like acpi_os_name="Microsoft Windows XP" to your kernel boot parameters. This might depend on your BIOS version. Also try enable_timer_pin_1or disable_timer_pin_1.

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