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[no subject] "best" laptop autocionfiguration package? "chkconfig" equivalent "home" and "end" keys changed - not always" into "tilde" "mktexlsr: /var/lib/texmf/ls-R lacks magic string" tetex-bin solved "stunnel" with TLS support? $HOME/\002 'man' too slow (no subject) (SOLVED) Re: Problem compiling a new kernel, possibly gcc related .deb packages query. /dev problem for X /dev/input/mice /dev/input/mse, how do I get it? /dev/radio not found, but it is there....... /etc/environment not read by su? /etc/mtab Warning /etc/profile no longer used /tmp emptied on boot on some systems but not others /usr/sbin/find 2 exim4 update problem 2 IDE - 1 CD: which interfaces 2 quick questions 2.4.18-bf2.4 does not sleep Re: 2.4.20 kernel for woody 2.4.20 kernel for woody (Was: Broadcom 5700 NIC on debian stable...) 3 questions on konsole, mouse in new debian sid system 3.0r1 install fails on iptables_1.2.6a-5.386.deb 30 - 40% load xmms 3c905-tx installs with IRQ = 0 3questions: IPv6, HURD, stranded upgrade 3Ware SATA RAID Cards... ※DVD影片清倉100元―专业电脑数码租赁 Re>号外! 人気200 %UP中!! WERBUNG: Erschließen Sie Ihren Briefkasten zu einer sprudelnden Geldeinnahmequelle Re: []OT] [Solved] Drawing a rectangle with Gimp []OT] Drawing a rectangle with Gimp [ANN] Quantian: A Knoppix remastering for Scientific Computing Re: [ANNOUNCE] cupsys_1.1.14-4.4 libpam fix, closes Bug#183211 [announce] 1.1beta Debian packages Re: [DEB-USER] Linux Firewalling - Further Adventures with DSL Re: [DEB-USER] Re: fetchmail incorrect headers retention Re: [DEB-USER] Re: M$ licenses Unix [exim4] - doesn't accept mail for my domain [Fwd: debootstrapping sarge interrupts] [Fwd: Infected E-Mail]Is this legitimate? [INN2] no bash redirection with getlist [INN2] Probleme with inn.conf after upgrading Re: [NFS] cannot mount via nfs RE: [NMLUG] Newbie: Kernel Panic [OT] Can access friend's website, but not ftp [OT] Can Samba and NFS coexist? [OT] Compiling with wxWindows [OT] console based ogg+mp3 player that handles urls? Re: [OT] Drawing a rectangle with Gimp [OT] lftp usage [OT] natural abtraction (was Re: Hurd [was:M$ licenses Unix]) [OT] Novell Challenges SCO and claims ownership of Unix [OT] Radeon 7500 documentation [OT] Sanskrit fonts [OT] Suggestions for website design [OT] XFree sluggish after RAM upgrade [OT] xmms and position slider in streams [Possibly OT] SSH / Port 80 [rephrase] home rolled kernel 2.4.18 hangs on cdrom [SID][APACHE] - coredumped since the 05/23 update. [SID][cacti] installation bug ? Fw: [SID][debian] how to install Re: [SOLVED] Lilo & Descriptor Checksum Error [SOLVED] Re: to Open and Save png and jpg Files in GIMP Re: [spam] Renaming multiple extensions-file on unix.. [ Problems with xlibs.] Re: [Very OT] Pigeons [Very OT] Pigeons [was :Re: your mail] [xfree86 4.3] penguinppc is dead, long live the XSF AA fonts in OOo Aaaaaarrgghhhhhhhhh - was Nvidia nforce abcde problem ABI to allow unix binaries to run under Linux about startx about tape backups acces denied printing from win client to a printer on linux using samba Accessing vfat fs as normal user Acroread Adaptec 2110S adding a user to a group Address book sharing adduser with smbpasswd ADSL Modem recomendations adsl on kernel-2.4.20 Agnet For backup exec AIC 7892 problem AIC79xx.o Trying to load driver AIC7xxx drivers Thunder K7x Pro aic7xxx under 2.2.20 and 2.4.xx aic7xxx under 2.2.20 vs 2.4.xx allow ftp but not ssh? Alsa and Realplayer alternate CC with make-kpkg Alternate Debian Sources analog: use with multiple .gz logs? Anti Open Source Psyops / "Mind Tweakers"? (they'll never believe we're really aliens dept) Re: Anti Open Source Psyops / "Mind Tweakers"? (they'll never believe we're really aliens dept) Re: Any way to increase xwindows resolution like xconfigurator or is there a debian way? Any way to increase xwindows resolution like xconfigurator or is there a debian way? Anyone use rolodap? Re: Anyone using an LS-120 or "Superdisk" with debian? Anyone using the CAD packages? Apache and PHP don't quite work Apache or Debian problem? Re: apache update in sid Apache, libmm und PHP4: PHP Fatal error: Unable to start session mm module in Unknown on line 0 Apache-Perl cant create directories...sort of apache-ssl ? Im looking for apache mod_ssl apache-ssl configuration problem apache-ssl logrotate entry Apache2 and PHP4 appache-ssl certificate woes apsfilter or magicfilter? Which is best to be used with LPRng?? apt problem APT stopped working - MMap ran out of room APT- if I apt-get -u upgrade to testing, will apt go backwards? apt-file update --> error apt-file update, missing: "URI::_foreign" apt-get bandwith limiting apt-get dies with segmentation fault at 98% Apt-get dist upgrade on SID removes gnome apt-get Fehler (E: Encountered a section with no Package: header) Apt-get first time for knoppix apt-get Newbie apt-get trouble issues Apt-get wants to install "initscripts' Apt-Get woes apt-get xfree86-xserver versions 'stable' and dangerous updates apt-listchanges APT/dpkg info file missing !!! apt: Reading Package Lists... Error! aptitude - find which package is broken? aptitude and multiple distros Are these CD-RW specs compatible? Article by HP about Linux's growing Popularity Asus a7n8x motherboard ATI Radeon opengl problem Attach and detach from Xsessions/X programms Authentication Problem The last update was on 19:00 GMT Sun Jan 07. 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