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Re: Fw: [SID][debian] how to install

On Wed, 7 May 2003 19:12:2 +0800
"lizl" <zlli@arcsoft.com.cn> wrote:

> Hello, 
>     I am want to install debian 3.0 sid,but I don't know how to install.
> when install ,it show menu
> {
>    1 Choose language
>    2 Detect a keyboard 
>    3 Detect CDROM devices
>    4 Load installer modules
>    5 Verify the cd contenrs
>    6 Execute a shell
> }
>    I follow it ,and goto six step 
> then it show a shell ,and I don't know how to continue

Debian 3.0 is Woody; that is the stable version.

Debian Sid is the unstable version; it has a new installer which is not
ready for release.

If you're new to Debian and would like to install a working system, get the
first CD of Woodyr1 (Debian 3.0r1) and install the stable system. Then
upgrade it to Sid.


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