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Re: /dev/radio not found, but it is there.......

* ingirafn@this.is <ingirafn@this.is> [030527 20:55]:

> No radio or video device where in the /dev/ folder and I made them by using 
> mknod c radio  61 81 , something like this, It was created and also a link
> /dev/radio to /dev/radio0.   
Are you sure you used 61? According to
/usr/share/linux/Documentation/devices.txt radio0 ist 64.
BTW: It is more comfortable to use /dev/MAKEDEV instead of mknod.

> Is it possible that I should have a nother devicenumber and are
> /dev/radio /dev/radio0 and /dev/video not made when the kernel is made and the
> modules installed?
After you created a proper device, you should check the permissions,
and if your user is in the right group.


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