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Re: 2 IDE - 1 CD: which interfaces

hi ya bill

On Sat, 24 May 2003, Deryk Barker wrote:

> Thus spake Bill Moseley (moseley@hank.org):
> > I can never remember.  With two IDE drives and one IDE CD do you place both hard drives on 
> > the same IDE interface as master and slave and the CD on the secondary as master, or do you 
> > place the two IDE drives on separate interfaces and make CD slave on one of the interfaces?
> > 
> > I think I remember that you separate the CD from the hard drives because the CD can slow 
> > down the entire interface.  But if that's true does the CD always degraded the interface or 
> > only when the CD is being accessed.

if disk performance is important, pay the extra $20 - $30 for a pci-based
ide controller and put the cdrom on that other port
	- or if your mb has unused (ide) raid connectors, put your
	cdrom on those

- one ide (master) disk per cable on the "master" connector if disk i/o
  is important to you  and the disk explicitly jumpered for master or
  "single" disk

- to see how much degradation you get, from master + slave( disk or cdrom)
  try counting the number of passes overnight of kernel compiles or
	while ( 1 ) {
	  print pass number, date
	  ls -laR /usr | md5sum
	  increment counter

c ya

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