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Re: 3questions: IPv6, HURD, stranded upgrade

Abdul Latip wrote:
> 3. UPGRADE method
> How old is to old for upgrading a debian system?
> E.g. If for some reason, an isolated system is running Buzz.
> Should it be scrapped (the hardware is ancient anyway), or 
> should it be upgraded the "debian way".

We generally guarentee upgradbility from the previous release, hope that
you can upgrade directly from the release before that, but don't test it
much, and some developers choose to not bother with direct upgradbility
from further back. You are best assured that the upgrade will work if
you upgrade one release at a time, from buzz that would entail:

	buzz -> rex
	rex -> bo
	bo -> hamm
	hamm -> slink
	slink -> potato
	potato -> woody

That should work fine, but you'll have to use CD's or
archive.debian.org to get the releases before potato. And it will of
course take quite some time on machines old enough to be running buzz.
Be sure to read the release notes for each upgrade. It would probably be
simpler to reinstall, frankly. If you do choose to reinstall, you could
always try a buzz -> woody direct upgrade first, just for kicks, and
report back on how well it worked.

see shy jo

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