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Hello Mr. Yashyn,
Debian is not a company like IBM or Pepsi. Debian is a computer
operating system. Debian is a type of Linux. You can obtain it for free
on the internet. You can buy it on the internet. Goto this site!
Hope this helps.

On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 08:33, Andrey wrote:
> Dear Sirs.
> I.d like to inform you that your company is well-known here, is Ukraine, especially in Khmelnitsky. I was told that in case of  appearing some troubles with software one  can call to you to dissolve them. 
> So, I.d greatly appreciate if you.ll be able to send me Debian  installation program because here in Khmelnitsky,  nobody has the good version of it. 
> I.m looking forward to your cooperation and help in this trouble. Excuse for my disturbing you and thank you for the  help.
>  Sincerely yours, Andrey Yashyn.
> My postal address is:                               Andrey Yashyn
> 			ap. 21, Khotovitskogo St., 7
> 			Khmelnitsky, 28016
> 			Ukraine.
Kevin Mark <kmark@pipeline.com>

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