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Re: apt-get dies with segmentation fault at 98%

>>>>> Christian Jaeger <christian.jaeger@ethlife.ethz.ch>:

> Just to let you know, I've seen a similar problem about a month
> ago. For me too it helped to comment out the unstable sources.list
> line and remove the relevant /var/lib/apt/lists/* file. Looks like
> apt is not handling inputs gracefully and also there may be some
> problem on the servers.

I figured this one out earlier today (searching google...:-) ).

It has nothing to do with errors in the downloaded archives.  Apt
creates a fixed size file for the cache, and uses mmap calls to map
this file (or parts of it) into memory.

When the size of the local apt cache becomes bigger than what can be
held in this fixed size file, you see the error I reported.

My /etc/apt/apt.conf file, now holds the following line:

APT::Cache-Limit 104857600;

After that apt-get update went smoothly.

- Steinar

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