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Re: Alsa and Realplayer

On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 02:29:01PM -0500, Kent West wrote:
> I'm no expert on sound, by any means. I suspect that kscd is simply 
> controlling the CD-ROM drive, and the CD is simply playing the sound via 
> the audio cable plugged into the sound card, and isn't being controlled 
> at all by Debian. I further suspect that your sound card is not properly 
> configured.
> I would suggest looking at the boot-up messages for references to your 
> sound card (or "dmesg" if the last reboot was fairly recent) for any 
> clues. I would also suggest eliminating KDE/X for the time being, and 
> just try to get sound working at the command line (exit X, kill any 
> X-related process, such as kdm, etc, and use a tool like splay to get 
> sound working). Once sound is working at the command line, you can worry 
> about getting it to work properly in X/KDE.
> -- 
> Kent

Thanks for the advice. Seems logical enough. I'll take a look at the configuration
properly when I get some time.


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