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2.4.20 kernel for woody (Was: Broadcom 5700 NIC on debian stable...)

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no>:

>>>>> klaus.thielking-riechert@nefkom.net (Klaus Thielking-Riechert):
>> the tg3 driver is also available in the 2.4.20-vanilla kernel. I am
>> using it on a Dell Server with a bc5700-card.

> Thanx for the info.  I'll try installing the 2.4.20 kernel currently
> in testing.

It depends on initrd-tools and modutils from testing, which has
dependencies that eventually leads to needing a libc6 upgrade.

And if I do that I no longer have a stable system.

Does anyone know of a 2.4.20 kernel packaged for woody?

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