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Re: Anyone using an LS-120 or "Superdisk" with debian?

Nomad <nomad***@***absamail.co.za> writes:

> Do you remember those 120MB floppies that weren't quite as popular as
> ZIP disks?
> I was the guy that bought it.  Did anyone else on the list get one,
> and if so, did you get it to work with linux?

Not until kernel 2.0.31-pre4. (That was the summer of 1997.)

>  If you did, do you have
> any pointers?

You just have to add support for IDE-floppies to the kernel, (I have no
idea whether Debians standardkernel has that) then it shows up as
/dev/hdX (X dependent on your config).


Henrik Christian Grove
Student of Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen

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