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Re: Problem with cdwrite, Help needed bad problem with guavac problem with kernel sound configuration Problem with lprng after reboot. Problem with Netscape making zombies! Problem with nis on client machine problem with pcmmdl20.deb!! incorrect dependencies? Problem with talk(d) Problem with xlockmore problem: client/server file sharing problem: getting nfs up and running Problems with mail and news Problems with SMC ethernet card setup Problems with SVGA Xserver and ct65530 chipset problems with update announcements Problems with X fonts Re: Problems working with bash. problrms with stop-start daemon in nis Promise 4020-1 upgrade purging latex QPOPPER Will Not Work Qt 1.2 A Qt alternative for KDE? Question about dselect.. A question about TmView (dvisvga) Question on install Questions for some nice zsh examples RC5 challenge up again recording CD's remove from mailing list Replacing svgalib1 with svgalib-dummy1 Reply error in pine request for help debugging my dump problem Resetting dselect Restricting size of incoming mail Return code from system() RFC: Stacker 133 compatablilty... Re: Rocket Port ISA card and LINUX root disk routing setup question Re: RPM rsh root priv rsh with .rhosts problems running procmail automatically from smail, and a question about POP runq missing rxvt Safer package installation samba woes samba woes -- SOLVED SB cfg problem - need docs Scanning software available? Re: Secret debian lists? (was: Debian Book list) Seeing double: web browsers Seem to be hitting a snag. sendmail compiled with -DTCPWRAPPERS? Sendmail performance tuning question sendmail virtusertable question setserial problems... Setting Up btmp setting up master-slave network Shadow shadow question Re: shadow question (solved) shell problem after bo upgrade Shell with cd command SIGSEGV in free() Fwd: silly computer engineer story (fwd) Simple Unix question slackware,redhat->debian slight preoblem with man smail config smartlist question so sorry to intrude, but i need help SOLUTION: Linux fvwm1.24r-25 vs Sun fvwm1.24r Re: Solved - Cannot get full speed download on ppp Some minor post-install TUNINGs Sound support in kernel recompile Soundblaster and the kernel Sox - no more play? Specifications of Monitor HP98754A? ssltelnet - issue start-stop-daemon blues. Perl is to big for my boot disk. start-stop-daemon unwell? STL strange ifconfig output.. Striped swapping? re: Sun Java WorkShop on Debian' experience anyone? sysklogd 10 sec. delay at boot syslogd will not start talk tcpdump tcpdump & tokenring, works. tcpdump: unknown data link type 0xc Re: Things I miss from Slackware - Could I implement this in my Debian system? Things I miss from Slackware - Could I implement this in my Debian system? Thinkpad 701CS Re: Thinkpad 701CS (fwd) timezone package: in Indiana, US timezone weirdness TKinfo - How Customize? TkInfo versus Emacs/Info [was Re: Problems working with bash.] Trolltech changing license for QT? Trouble installing debian from floppy Trouble installing PCMCIA. Re: troubles with module symbols, PCMCIA (and tar) TWAIN driver. two problems Tx chipset The ultimate fate of Debian Unable to install Debian 1.2 and pre 1.3 Unidentified subject! RE: Unidentified subject! - Sorry about that. Uninstalling StarOffice-3.1 Unknown host Unknown host (more) unsbuscribe Re: UNSUBSCRIB ME RIGHT !@#$%^ NOW UNSUBSCRIB ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW Re: unsubscribing from list update-menus upgrade to debian 1.3 Re: Upgrading... URGENT: 586 assumptions? User access to /dev/fd0* with mtools_3.5a-1 User info Using Debian As Networking Teacher Using ELF-files Using LILO... using shadow utmp troubles uucp still a.out ?! uucp still a.out? Van Jacobson: pathchar - a new tool for characterizing Internet paths vfat32 patch Re: vi Watchdog Wavelan cards and PCI ethernet wctomb() and mbtowc() WEB SECURITY: fyi!! Weird X error with pthreads. wg15-locale What do I do: forwarded message from Cron Daemon what do they mean ??? What editors are in base? What gives? --- [ Re: exp(x**2)*erfc(x) not correctly plotted] Re: What gives? --- [ Re: exp(x**2)*erfc(x) not correctly plotted] Re: What is the proper way What is the standard ethernet frame type? what umask? What? No automatic PST->PDT time change? whatis "kernel: eth0: bogus packet size: ..." ? where can I find pgp-i ? Where can I find rawrite.exe? where is Re: Where's Mutt? Which pentium: 200, PRO 200, or MMX 200? why I have this? Wild DMA (was Re: Unidentified subject!) Re: Wild DMA (was Re: Unidentified subject!) (fwd) Will the real vi please stand up? Windows for Worgroups windows incompatibility WINE WINE AND SHARE.EXE The last update was on 02:11 GMT Sun Jun 16. There are 2096 messages. Page 4 of 5.

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