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Unable to install Debian 1.2 and pre 1.3


I have been trying to install Debian 1.2 (2.0.27) for some days now 
without any success. Yesterday I downloaded pre 1.3 (?) (2.0.29) from
ftp.debian.org/debian/frozen to try, without more succss. 

So now I am trying the user list to see if I can get some help. The 
problem is the detection of the SCSI adapter. The boot sequence seems 
to detect my Adaptec AHA-2842VL SCSI Master adapter, but continuing 
with aic7xxx detection the boot sequence freeze at the end of this 
process or when the sequence returns (?) to the AHA-2842VL. Trying 
the boot parameters given by help F5 or F4 (Debian 1.2 2.0.27) does 
not help, the boot sequence freeze at the same point and the same 
messages. I have also been reading in the SCSI HOWTO about Adaptec 

I have to add that I am able to install Debian 0.93R6 without any 
problem and I also tried RadHat 4.1 (2.0.27). RedHat prepared the 
swap partition /dev/sda2 without any problems, though trying 
installation by FTP was not successfull. I think something is wrong 
on the network side here where I work.

So here are the last messages of my boot sequence followed by a list 
of my hardware and a very short description of my system.


Using installation disks with kernel 2.0.29 from 
ftp.debian.org/debian/frozen and at prompt:

boot: linux aic7xxx=no_reset
boot: linux aha274x=extended (from SCSI HOWTO)

gives me:


aic7xxx: (aic7xxx_icr) Encountered spuriuos interrupt.

<Some more lines of messages>

Last frozen screen of messages at boot:

scsi0: Adaptec AHA274x/284x/294x (EISA/(VLB/PCI-Fast SCSI) 4.0/3.2/4.0
scsi : 1 host.
scsi0: Scanning channel A for devices
scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 0, scsi0, channel 0, id 
0, Test Unit Ready 00 00 00 00 00
aic7xxx: (abort) Aborting scb 0, TCL 0/0/0
scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 0, scsi0, channel 0, id 
0, Test Unit Ready 00 00 00 00 00
aic7xxx: (abort) Aborting scb 0, TCL 0/0/0
SCSI host 0 abort (pid 0) timed out - resetting
SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0
aic7xxx: (reset) target/channel 0/0
aic7xxx: (abort_reset) scb state 0x1, Data-Out phase, SCSISIGI = 0x0
aic7xxx: (reset_device) target/channel -1/A, active_scb 0
aic7xxx: (match_scb) comparing target/channel -1/A to scb 0/A
aic7xxx: (match_scb) comparing target/channel -1/A to scb 0/A
aic7xxx: (reset_channel) Resetting current channel A
aic7xxx: (reset_channel) Channel reset, sequencer restarted
aic7xxx: (done_aborted_scbs) Aborting scb 0,TCL=0/0/0
scsi0: BRKADRINT error(0x1):
  Illegal Host Access
Kernel panic: scsi0: BRKADRINT, error 0x1, seqaddr 0x0.

In swapper task - not syncing


Processor:    AMD Am486(TM) DX-40
Main board:   ISA/VESA Local Bus
              20 MB of Memmory (4x4MB + 4x1MB)

Network:      3Com Etherlink III (3C509B-C)
              Address: 300H
              IRQ:     10

Graphic:      CirrusLogic CLVGA542XVL/H
              VESA LOCAL BUS REV 2.0
              1 MB of Memmory

SCSI Host:    Adaptec AHA-2842VL, BIOS v1.01
              IRQ:                  11     (default)
              Host Adapter BIOS:    D8000H (default)
              Host Adapter SCSI ID: 7      (default)
              BIOS Enabled

SCSI Disk:    Quantum Maverik(TM) Prodrive
              SCSI ID:              6      (default)

SCSI CD-ROM:  NEC MultiSpin 2Xi(TM)
              SCSI ID:              4
IDE Disk:     Quantum ProDrive LPS(TM)

All the hardware's addresses and IRQs are set to default values (LPT1, 
COM1, COM2, IDE, SCSI). I have one additional I/O-card with two 16550 
UARTs for COM2 (modem) and COM5 (IRQ12, 2FDH-2F7H). COM1 is for the 
mouse and on the IDE Controller. The Computer has one 3.5" and one 
5.25" floppy drive.

My two hard disks have these partitions:

    /dev/hda1, 06 DOS 16-bit >= 32MB, 170 MB, primary, DOS C:
    /dev/sda1, 06 DOS 16-bit >= 32MB, 240 MB, primary  DOS D:
    /dev/sda2, 83 Linux Swap        ,  40 MB, primary
    /dev/sda3, 82 Linux             , 236 MB, primary

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