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RE: Question on install


If I'm understanding you right, you're saying that when you try to boot from
the rescue disk it just boots your previous lilo.  If this is true check your
BIOS settings for boot order and make  sure that it will boot from the floppy
drive before it looks at the hard drive.  If this is the case when you try to
boot with the rescue disk your system should just lock if it's a bad floppy
etc...  There's no way it should be booting your lilo off of your hard drive
unless it's not even looking at the floppy.

On 11-Apr-97 Alexander Koch wrote:
>Hi again.
>Well, since it is said and I experienced it several times the making of the
>boot floppies is not that easy...
>My problem is that I take the resc1440.bin and write it to disc (with dd)
>and when it comes to boot it just does nothing and the mbr of /dev/sda
>(lilo) is taken.
>What do I have to do besides trying another 5 disks or so?
>Is it possible to boot the rescue disk with a lilo entry on my system right
>now? What do I have to put in the lilo.conf?
>Note that I do not have a debian setup right now, it's some old and awkward
>system... ,-*
>Help apreciated,
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Have a good one.

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