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Re: Question on install

Quoting Rick (rickya@siservices.net):
> If I'm understanding you right, you're saying that when you try to boot from
> the rescue disk it just boots your previous lilo.  If this is true check your
> BIOS settings for boot order and make  sure that it will boot from the floppy
> drive before it looks at the hard drive.  If this is the case when you try to
> boot with the rescue disk your system should just lock if it's a bad floppy
> etc...  There's no way it should be booting your lilo off of your hard drive
> unless it's not even looking at the floppy.


Well, until now I used rawrite to produce about 4 rescue floppy disks. I
tried them all in order. I have the right order of booting.

When booting the floppy is accessed (*schrab* *schrab*) and then the hard drive
is read and my old lilo turns up. Well, I tried 4 discs that were ok (Just
checked at my other computer here, usual checks says nothing), 4 new discs.

There's nothing here I could imagine that does perhaps interfere with

Argh! Ideas? I don't think turning off Cache or so in the BIOS doesn't
affect this early stage of the boot process.


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