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Re: Question about dselect..

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, smorrill wrote:

> I have a base debian system installed on my 586 133 mhz.  I got the
> "Cheap Bytes" cd and am trying to install packages, specifically the
> Xwindows packages.  These are located in a directory called "rex-fixe"
> on the cd.  I must be missing something here, but I cannot get dselect
> to recognize that directory.  I've tried letting the program scan the
> various directories on the cd, tried over & over to do it manually to no
> avail.
Let me know how the cd works out. Those nice Cheap Bytes guys send me 3 cd's
but they all don't work right with my cdrom drive. Let me know if they work
fine on yours.

Now if you can see your cdrom drive and use the Access from cdrom I expect all
to work fine. Is the cdrom mounted correctly? Can you see other directories?
Can you install something from somewhere on the cd? 

D.J. Mashao,                         mashaodj@sunserver.engin.brown.edu, 

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