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re: problem with kernel sound configuration

This is a bug in the Configure script of the kernel package that has
been brought to the fore by the POSIXness of binutils/bash, as you

The fix is to escape the POSIXly reserved characters in the script that
are used in 'expr' commands. The one you are tripping on checks for a
valid hex number as input. I will send you my modified script if you

Doug said:

When I get to configuring my sound card, and get to the SB base I/O
the default is 220.  Whatever I seem to type, it returns "sorry, no help
is available for this option".  I've tried typing 220 and just hitting
enter and both of them get me that response.

Anyone have an idea before I dig into the shell script/program?  I've
bash 2.0 installed.  Is this the cause?

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