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Re: A Qt alternative for KDE?

Mark Eichin wrote:
> > From: Lars Hallberg Micro++ <lah@micropp.se>
> > What do You think of a Wrapper Class Libary that makes it easy to write
> > code that runns on diferent widget sets?
> Don't forget OI (there was an interface builder based on it that was
> free-of-cost for linux, a while back, but I forget the name.)  OI let
> you switch between an OpenLook and Motif look&feel [in fact you could
> switch at runtime, which was kind of scary] though it was a fairly
> sophisticated C++ toolkit.  Though originally commercial I thought I'd
> heard it had been freed; in any case, it's another source of ideas...

Well, this is very old (Sep 1994), but here's the reply that I got from
the OI people 2.5 years ago when I asked if there would be another
"free" OI replease for Linux. Also, I'm sure it was binary only, no

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Hello Rick -

You're correct, the version of OI currently available for Linux is
4.0 (ObjectBuilder 2.0).  We don't have a definite timeframe for
porting OI4.5/ObjectBuilder2.5 to Linux, outside factors are affecting
this.  A new libc is in the works, as well as a new g++ compiler and
libX11, our release will be dependent on these.  Note that g++2.5.8
cannot compile OI, so we can't put out an interim release.
-kathy        oi-support@Boulder.ParcPlace.COM        +1 303-440-9991
                                                   dial 2 for support
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