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Re: Restricting size of incoming mail


At 10:43 AM 4/15/97 -0400, Paul Wade wrote:

>This is because they are using a remote email client (netscape, etc.)? If
>so that is a big part of the problem.

Right, we use a POP-3 client like Eudora or Netscape Mail to retrieve mail.

>Is this being caused because of spam and junk email?

No, the problem is that users do not follow the policies of not sending
e-mail attachments to users that retrieve mail via a dial-in connection.

>A temporary remedy is to use a shell and pine to delete the basura from
>the mailbox and then retreive the remaining messages with the client

I have been thinking about using procmail.

>Quotas will possibly prevent important mail from being viewed if it
>arrives after mail with large attachments.

Uhhmmm... you are absoluteli right, I had't thought about this. This leads
me to think that a want to limit the size of incoming mail (in a user per
user basis), not the size of the mail box.

>Some users can only send and receive files as email attachments. They are
>"mulas" and will not learn ftp.

I want them to use FTP whenever they want to send a huge document. FTP
should be more efficient. At least it doesn't increase the size of the file
by applying a codification algorithm (like UUCode or MIME.)

Thanks for the help.



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