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Re: syslogd will not start

On 15:25:22 Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>>On Sat, Apr 05, 1997 at 11:04:39AM -0700, Rick Macdonald wrote:
>> Speaking of syslogd, when I boot the machine it hangs for 5 ro 10 seconds
>> when syslogd starts. It didn't used to.
>> I'm running from unstable. Anybody know what it's doing?
>Does this here too ... Keeps the machine at high CPU load for that
>time too. (*)
I see this here on 1.1 also, but I thought it might be due to my system
losing the sense of "who" it is!  I no longer see the hostname on the
login prompt, or if I do a uname -a , for example.  And, no info goes to
/var/log/messages (since syslogd doesn't start I presume).  Where else, 
other than the /etc/hostname does it keep what it believes to be the 
hostname of the system?  If I knew that, I think I could fix this on my
end........I think!?


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