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SOLUTION: Linux fvwm1.24r-25 vs Sun fvwm1.24r

For the benefit of the archive lists and in case anyone else was
wondering, here's the answer to my problem. 

The default fvwm behavior is not to use m4, but the Debian/Linux fvwm
package has been compiled to use m4. Since m4 quotes using ` and ', the
result is that the backquotes in the .fvwmrc file causes an error.  The
solutions are: 

1. call fvwm with the -no-m4 option 
2. redfine how m4 quotes literals.  Using the fvwm -m4-squote and
-m4-equote options may also do the trick (I didn't try).

Thanks to Dan Astoorian <djast@utopia.utopia.csas.com>, Niels
<niels@holding.pi.net>, and Rick Macdonald <rickm@vsl.com> for their help
in solving this problem.


On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Rick Macdonald wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Steve Hsieh wrote:
> > Has anyone else had problems using a working .fvwmrc file from a Sun
> > system on Debian?  Since fvwm on both systems is the same, I wouldn't
> > expect such difficulties, but it seems that some things which work on fvwm
> > for SunOS/Solaris cause a seg fault on Debian fvwm.  Maybe the true
> > culprit lies with a utility program somewhere and not fvwm itself?
> > On debian linux this results in the message
> >     "NONE:0: m4: ERROR: EOF in string"
> > and then a fvwm segmentation fault.
> You might look through the Info file for the "m4" utility.
> It states that the GNU m4 is different fom the Unix Sys V.
> A good time to check out "tkinfo"!   :-)
> ...RickM...

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