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Sound support in kernel recompile

Following the identification of a subtle bug in kernel-package which 
prefres custom.1.0 instead of custom-1.0 in the command syntax I managed
to recompile my kernel succesfully without sound. When I set the sound
card option to yes in the .config file my recompile breaks down giving
errors about not being able to find some sound drivers. I only want the
generic sound card support since when I put the SoundBlaster option to yes
I get some requests for hardware details which I don't know how to fill
If I leave the default values I get some sort of infinite loop .
Is it possible to recompile a kernel with only the generic sound support
on ? If it is what am I doing wrong ? If it isn't and I must set the
hardware options can I get those values from a proc file or through some
command since my documentation is not good enough ? 
Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is one of the two reasons I
recompiled my kernel anyway. 


George Kapetanios
Churchill College
Cambridge, CB3 0DS              
U.K.                            E-Mail: GK205@hermes.cam.ac.uk

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