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The ultimate fate of Debian

I know that there is great debate over the future of the various Linux
distributions.  Now I am seriously concerned for the future of Debian.

As we all know (or at least those of us up-to-date with the current news of the
US), a group of computer-literate people just killed themselves so that they
could 'hop' (an interesting combination of the name of the comet) on Hale-Bopp
(or at least on a spaceship associated with it). 
Now, the leader of this group was/is (depending upon your beliefs) a man who at
one time called himself 'Bo'.

Hopefully you can see my concern for Debian.  It must not be a coincidence that
the next release of Debian bears this name...that it will be release just as
Hale-Bopp hurtles away from the inner solar system.  I solemly hope that, with
the release of bo, the entire Debian developers team does not use the same
cosmic 'hlt' instruction!

Just a thought.  (Hope its not wasting too much bandwidth...)


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